Prague Marina
A Most Desirable Address When Desire Meets Inspiration

Offering around a thousand highly sought-after top-class apartments, this well-established prestigious residential project on the bank of the River Vltava in Holešovice, Prague has proven a great success. Situated near the Holešovice Bridge and Jankovcova Street in Prague 7, the construction of this modern urban quarter is still continuing, gradually skirting around the bank of the River Vltava, where the historic Holešovice Port used to be located.

This unique place makes up the boundary between two worlds. The top-quality homes provide their residents with a peaceful haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city which they head for when commuting to work or going out for fun, shopping or attending various events.

Fascinating History Holešovice Genius Loci

The left bank of the Vltava meander has been inhabited since time immemorial. Traditionally, local people earned their living by fishing and other activities associated with the river. However, the modern history of Holešovice is connected to the boom of the industrial era. In the last third of the 19th century, this site changed into one of the most prominent industrial suburbs of Prague, with the Holešovice Port ranking as an important structure of that time. Constructed by the Lanna Company in the artificially excavated basin, the port originally served for protection and winter berthing. After a few years it was converted into a commercial port, setting the pace for industrial development in the area. A marshalling yard with buildings designed by the architect Sander was constructed here and the grounds of public storage facilities followed a little later.

Although the port gradually lost its massive importance and the whole area began to transform inexorably at the end of the 20th century, some of the Sander’s buildings have been preserved. Displaying their typical exposed brick façades, they mingle with today's modern structures and remind us of our past. The site where the former port used to be situated continues to exude nostalgia for bygone times and the nooks and crannies around the river are still very appealing thanks to their history.

New Quarter on the Bank of the Vltava Prague Marina

The redevelopment of Prague’s once-most important port located in Holešovice has been inspired by similar transformations in major cities of the world, such as London, Hamburg, and Berlin. The original architectural features as well as some buildings have been preserved and incorporated into the modern construction concept.

The excellent atmosphere and elegant architectural design of the residential buildings with shared facilities and services are enhanced by the newly renovated waterfront area, which is used as a pedestrian zone with a promenade flanking the bank of the River Vltava. Restaurants, cafés, shops and other services provide local residents and visitors with all the amenities and benefits of urban life. There are also green areas with children's playgrounds and flower beds as well as a private garden and relaxation zones.

Prague Marina Project Plan

Prague Marina I Phase I

The first phase of the whole project offered 338 top-class housing units in three apartment buildings. The first project in Prague to be located right by the water delighted its residents with panoramic views of the river and the surrounding area. With the aim of ensuring water circulation, the service basin of the port was newly connected to the Vltava riverbed via the original shaft, which was built together with the Holešovice Port. The construction of the apartment buildings was completed in autumn 2008. At this stage, office buildings in Jankovcova Street were also erected, creating a natural sound barrier for the residential complex, blocking the noise from the street.

Marina Island Phase II

The high demands of Marina Island residents have been met by the generously conceived architectural design, the materials used and the standard of workmanship as well as the services including a central reception that will make life easier and more pleasant. The project offers three categories of apartments with layouts ranging from 1+kk (one-room apartment) to 6+kk (six-room apartment) with an open plan kitchen and living area, starting with comfort type apartments on typical mid-level floors through exceptional townhouses to luxury penthouses on the top floors with large terraces prepared for a pool installation. An attractive locality requires uncompromising quality.

Prague Marina Nova Phase III

The Prague Marina Nova building is gradually becoming a new part of the complex. The 151 new apartments will certainly represent exceptional housing or a profitable investment. The 10-storey building offers above-standard spacious apartments from studio types to exclusive penthouses on the upper floors, boasting the unique comfort of exquisite housing. Representing a special category of residential units, duplex apartments are situated on the ground floor of the building. Prague Marina meets the high demands of a modern urban lifestyle and at the same time exceeds the standard offer thanks to its position - in an exceptional and peaceful location by the river.

Developer Lighthouse Group and Daramis

The Marina project brought together two significant developers: The Lighthouse Group and Daramis which have both been active in the domestic market since 2000. The combined experience of these two developers guarantees the success of the prestigious project on the Holešovice Peninsula. The Marina project is becoming the symbolic flagship of their cooperation.

"Since the very beginning we have been building Prague Marina with the target of transforming it into a distinctive part of modern Prague, trying to create an absolutely unique world with sought-after, cosy homes that residents will be proud of.

We are delighted you have shown an interest in this original housing. Our sales staff will be only too happy to give you all the details about the available offer and about all necessary documents. Also, they will professionally guide you through the whole purchase process from the selection of the most suitable apartment to signing contracts and the final handover of the keys."

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